We recognise the challenges currently facing our connections customers and the need to update the connections application process. As a result, we launched the Connections Reform project to address these challenges and put our customers and stakeholders at the heart of this change.

Request for information on land rights and planning status

As we deliver the reformed connections process via code modifications (CMP434 & CM095: implementing connections reform, CMP435 & CM096: application of Gate 2 criteria to existing contracted background), we're looking to establish whether developers hold secured land rights for the proposed location of each contracted connection. 

Under the proposed code modifications, retaining existing connection dates or being in a position to accelerate that date will be dependent on meeting specified criteria such as having secured land rights; so having an early understanding of projects in that position will enable us to understand the impact of the proposals and whether projects can or cannot be accelerated under a reformed queue. Please use the button below to provide your supporting information.

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This reform project forms part of our longer-term vision for change to the connections process. We also have a number of short-term initiatives to speed up connections to the grid, through our five-point plan.

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Phase 3 updates

We are pleased to provide you with a high level overview of our enhanced First Ready, First Connected approach (referred to as ‘TMO4+’). This document summarises significant progress made since our final recommendation report, which was published in December 2023. 

Our commitment to enhancing the connections process has been worked on through extensive engagement and valuable input from stakeholders, including the Connections Process Advisory Group (CPAG). In response to these collaborative efforts, we are now also recommending the application of the ‘Gate 2’ approach to the existing queue. This is effectively the preferred model we recommended in December 2023 but with this addition and further targeted amendments. This strategic decision is aimed at better meeting our reform objectives and those within the Connections Action Plan, as well as ensuring a smoother and more efficient process in future.

Final recommendations report

We have published our final recommendations on 5 December 2023. These can be viewed on the key documents tab in the December 2023 Final Recommendations section. We will now start a detailed process design and implementation phase, to conclude in January 2025.

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We hosted a series of events in December to share our final recommendations in more detail and show how it links to wider industry reforms including Ofgem and Department for Energy Security and Net Zero's Connections Action Plan and the ENA 3 point plan. 

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Key documents

December 2023 Final Recommendations

Phase 2 – Solution design

Phase 2 enabled us to co-create the solutions to the challenges we identified in Phase 1, through working with industry-wide stakeholder groups to create and test a series of options for implementation. This culminated in the launch of our consultation on our proposals.

Our consultation was live for six weeks between 13 June and 28 July. We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their feedback which will help to shape the future of the connections process. 

All formal Connections Reform consultation responses received are now under review. We are now working with our stakeholder governance groups to establish our final recommendations and refine our proposals on how to implement and transition to a new operating model.

Phase 1 – Case for change

We spent phase 1 gathering stakeholder views to understand the current challenges with the connections application process, and articulated the case for change. We’ve met with over 100 customer, stakeholders and industry participants to hear your views on the current connections process. The case for change report pulls together all that feedback in to one central place.

GB Connections Reform – Case for change report

We have now finished pulling together your feedback for the GB Connections Reform – Case for Change. We’ve met with over 100 customer, stakeholders and industry participants to hear your views on the current connections process. 

This report pulls together all that feedback in to one central place to enable us to progress to Phase 2, which will investigate options.

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Stakeholder views form a key part of the Connections Reform project. There are a number of ways to get in contact with us, ask us questions and have your say. 

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