The ESO is at the heart of the transformation to a fully decarbonised electricity system by 2035, while continuing each day to reliably and safely move electricity across Great Britain second-by-second.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to drive the transformation to a fully decarbonised electricity system by 2035 which is reliable, affordable and fair for all.

This aligns to the 2035 government target of a decarbonised power system. It’s important to note that although the mission only mentions electricity, as per our current license and operational remit, we recognise that an industry-wide, whole-system approach will be needed to achieve the government target. We also understand that the acceleration of wider industry and societal change is necessary to deliver this target.


Our Ambitions

On 26 October 2023 the Energy Bill became the Energy Act, paving the way for the creation of a Future System Operator (FSO).

The FSO will be the organisation at the heart of the energy sector taking a whole system view to deliver a net-zero energy system that balances sustainability with affordability and security. 

Read more about our plans to become the FSO or find further details at

A clear, short-term, ambitious, achievable and well-accepted goal.

We remain firmly committed to our ambition of ensuring the electricity system can operate carbon-free by 2025. By doing this we will be able to reliably operate the electricity system with whatever quantity of zero-carbon electricity is being generated at that time, so we will be prepared for the anticipated occasions of entirely carbon-free power from this time onwards. This is the first step of many that is preparing the way for operating a fully decarbonised electricity system by 2035.

Since 2013, we're proud to say the amount of carbon-based electricity in our system has reduced by an impressive 64%. But there’s still plenty more to do before we reach our zero-carbon target.

The Electricity System Transformation

Our Road to Zero Carbon report charts the transformation of Britain's electricity system on its journey from coal to clean – and how we aim to run it purely with zero carbon power by 2025.

Empowering Consumers

We launched our Carbon Intensity App* to show people the greenest times of day to use electricity and help them see real-time information on how our electricity is being produced.

*available for free on Google Play Store and The App Store

Using our unique position at the heart of the energy system, we must bring together the industry to meet net zero goals.

We also recognise that we cannot do this alone.

By engaging as a trusted partner, we will work with our customers and stakeholders through the transformation of the energy industry

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Our mindset of promoting competition everywhere remains critical and supports maximising consumer value.

We will continue to use our impartial position to work in partnership with others across the industry to drive competition for the benefit of consumers.

Get involved in our Net Zero Market Reform programme, established to examine holistically the changes required to enable the current GB electricity market design to achieve net zero.

We are working with our industry partners to enable competition for the design, build and ownership of onshore transmission solutions.

Find out more about our Early Competition project.

Innovation, data and digital technologies are a fundamental part of our core business and to achieving our mission.

Our newly stated ambition of being innovative, digital and data-driven recognises the importance of innovative digital technologies that will underpin GB’s energy system transformation.

Greater transparency of our operational decision making ensures those who are working with the ESO can understand our approach, access our data and enable further industry innovation.

We encourage you to visit our Data Portal and welcome your feedback and engagement in our weekly Operational Transparency Forum in order to collaboratively design new datasets and help us provide additional meaningful insight. You can also view our Transparency roadmap for 2023-24 which contains a brief overview of the year ahead.

Please contact the Operational Transparency Forum Team at [email protected]

Our mission can only be realised alongside our people, who have the skills and desire to be part of the net zero journey.

Achieving these goals relies upon us attracting and developing the right people with the necessary skills and capabilities. We recognise the exciting opportunities that delivering a net zero future will generate, and we have an ambition to both attract and retain great talent by being the net zero employer of choice.

If you are interested in joining the ESO at the heart of GB’s journey to net zero, visit our careers page.