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Great Britain's monthly electricity stats

Ever wonder how much electricity is generated and used in Great Britain?

What happened in October?

Throughout October we saw zero carbon sources provide 57% of generation, peaking at a whopping 85%. That maximum zero carbon figure is the second highest it’s ever been  - the highest was August 2019 – 85.2% - and it demonstrates our ability to run more and more green energy on the system and moves us ever nearer towards our 2025 target of being able to run 100% zero carbon generation for short periods.

Carbon intensity across the month averaged 155 gCO2/kWh, a great reduction from the 220 gCO2/kWh seen in September.

Wind provided over a third of our electricity this month and gas provided the same amount.

Our reliance on coal also dropped to just 0.4% compared to 2.4% in September allowing us to achieve 102 consecutive coal free hours.

Craig Dyke


Craig Dyke

Head of National Control








Find out about Great Britain's electricity generation and how much came from sources such as wind, solar and biomass in our monthly snapshot.

Our control room experts continue to balance supply and demand second by second as we move into the spring months – and you can follow the electricity mix live in our carbon intensity app - available on Google Play Store and The App Store.

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