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Great Britain's monthly electricity stats

Ever wonder how much electricity is generated and used in Great Britain?

Although we didn’t see any headline-grabbing renewable records over the last month, we’ve nevertheless just had one of the greenest Augusts on record with a carbon intensity of 181 gCO2/kWh.

August is no stranger to records. Last year it held the record for highest share of wind (only topped in May this year), and August 17 in 2019 still claims the highest share of zero carbon sources on Britain’s electricity system at any one moment (85.1%).

This last month saw highs and lows for zero carbon generation – with 41% on average – including periods of almost 75% carbon free electricity mid-month (driven by occasions of high wind output), but also some times when fossil fuels had a greater share in the mix (often when wind was lower).

Import levels were also relatively high during August. Energy flows across interconnectors vary throughout the year based on arrange of factors, and are determined by the price difference between markets.

Recent high import levels are driven by higher prices in Britain, but compared with previous years we also have an additional 1GW of interconnector capacity thanks to the IFA-2 link with France. Ultimately, more interconnection with our neighbouring countries means better network resilience, and better security of supply for everyone.

Isabelle Haigh, National Grid ESO



Isabelle Haigh

Head of National Control





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Our control room experts continue to balance supply and demand second by second as we move into the autumn months – and you can follow the electricity mix live in our carbon intensity app - available on Google Play Store and The App Store.

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