At National Grid ESO our projects all contribute towards our effort to make the grid ready to operate with 100% zero carbon electricity by 2025. They range from Distributed ReStart and Power Potential to NOA Pathfinders and Net Zero market reform.

Innovation projects

We are on track to fully decarbonise the system by 2035. To help us achieve this, we have a portfolio of active innovation projects funded by both the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and Network Innovation Competition (NIC). Plus, we’re aiming to undertake large, collaborative, whole system projects using Ofgem’s new Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF).

You can find out more about our projects below.


ENA Smarter Networks Portal

We are a member of the Energy Networks Association (ENA). The Smarter Networks Portal is where you can find the latest information, events and outcomes from all NIA and NIC funded projects undertaken by the ESO and other members of the ENA.