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Industry information

Keeping the lights on for Great Britain 24/7, 365 days a week is a complex business and involves many industry players.

Whether you’re a balancing provider looking to supply services to us, trying to find the latest Grid Code, or looking for the latest TNUOS charging guidance, you can find all the information you need in our Industry Information hub. 

It’s the ESO’s role to make sure there’s enough electricity to keep homes and businesses supplied with the energy they need.

But it’s only by working with our industry partners that we’ll reach our goal of being able to operate a zero carbon electricity system by 2025 and achieve our vision of becoming a trusted partner, to everyone who interacts with us. 

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Supply us with your services

We always want to increase competition for delivery of our services to reduce costs to the end consumer, so we’re keen to talk to new providers of balancing services.

Find out about our procurement processes and how to participate in supplying the services we need to balance supply and demand for electricity in Great Britain.

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Get connected the National Electricity Transmission System

It’s our job to ensure generators can connect onto the system and that we can operate a zero carbon system if the market presents us with 100% mix of renewable-generated electricity.

Find out how to apply to get connected to the National Electricity Transmission System, how it differs across parts of Great Britain, and more about transmission owners (TOs).

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