We are administrators for the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC), the Grid Code (GC), the System Operator – Transmission Owner Code (STC), and the Security & Quality of Supply Standard (SQSS).

That means we’re here to support those in the industry who want to propose changes, debate important issues and drive key outcomes in the code modification processes. So whether you’re new to the process, or experienced in the way it all works, we’ll help you get to the information you need.

New to codes?

Code changes: Beginner's Guide

Here you can find some simple, easy to digest information to help you if you’re new to our codes.

About the Codes Team

Our team of code administrators oversees all aspects of the code modification processes and related meetings.

Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP)

The CACoP aims to make the code modification process more transparent and help protect the interests of small market participants.

Electricity Codes

Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC)

The Connection and Use of System Code is the contractual framework for connecting to and using the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

Grid Code (GC)

The Grid Code is the technical code for connection and development of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

System Operator - Transmission Owner Code (STC)

The System Operator – Transmission Owner Code defines the relationship between the transmission system owners and the system operator.

Security and Quality of Supply Standard (SQSS)

The Security and Quality of Supply Standard set out the criteria and methodology for planning and operating the National Electricity Transmission System.

Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC)

The rules and governance arrangements for electricity balancing and settlement in Great Britain.

European Network Codes (ENC)

European network codes cover grid connections, markets, and system operation, providing a sustainable, secure, and competitive electricity market across Europe.

Digitalised Whole System Technical Code (WSTC)

The Whole System Technical Code (WSTC) project proposes to simplify, align, and digitalise GB electricity technical codes.

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Modification Tracker

Our Modification Tracker gives you the very latest detail on current modifications for each of the four codes. It includes the purpose of the modification and the stakeholders it affects, as well as Panel comments on prioritisation, and where it is in the review process.

This Modification Tracker will be published on a monthly basis on the 7th calendar day of the month or the next working day where the 7th is a non-working day.

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Energy Codes Review

On this page, you can view our latest insights on the BEIS and Ofgem joint Energy Codes Review and keep up to date with developments as the review progresses.

Charging Futures

Charging Futures was set up for electricity network users to learn, contribute and shape the reform of GB's electricity network access and charging arrangements.