On this page, you can view our latest insights on the BEIS and Ofgem joint Energy Codes Review and keep up to date with developments as the review progresses.

Energy Codes Review

The UK Government and Ofgem have launched a review into the rules that govern our energy system.

The aim of the review is to develop options for improving the codes and their governance. The review will also look at how these changes can be made, including through legislation if necessary.

You can find out more about the Energy Codes Review by visiting Ofgem’s website on the link below.

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Energy Codes Review – ESO insights

The ESO’s unique perspective as Electricity System Operator and experience as Code Administrator provides us with insights into the challenges and opportunities industry stakeholders, and market participants face with the existing code system.

You can find out more about our insights and thinking by clicking on the links below.

ESO response to the BEIS/Ofgem joint consultation on 'Reforming the energy industry codes' (16 Sept 2019)

You can download our response to the BEIS/Ofgem joint consultation on Reforming the Energy Industry Codes by using the link below.

Download Energy Codes Review consultation response

Reforming Energy Code Content – the case to rationalise and simplify codes

This thought piece sets out why and how reforming code content is an important first step that industry should be proactive in taking to create an accessible and agile code system. We use an illustrative case study from the CUSC to showcase how rationalisation and consolidation of code content can be achieved and what benefits are expected.

(Published: June 2019)

ESO Reforming Energy Code Content

Reforming Code Content – has open governance delivered?

The ESO presented at the Energy Codes Review stakeholder engagement workshops in February 2019 and put forward views on whether current governance processes are still fit for purpose.

Energy Industry Code Review workshop presentation