Our Network Access Planning engineers are responsible for assessing, co-ordinating and sanctioning the planned release of assets from the National Electricity Transmission System, NETS, for maintenance and commissioning of new connections and equipment.

We use AC and DC transmission system analysis tools to optimise efficient and economic transmission system access and ensure that throughout all the outage scenarios, the transmission system continues to operate safely within the Security and Quality of Supply Standards.

When all outage planning activities are completed, a fully operable outage plan is handed over to the ENCC (Electricity Network Control Centre) to deliver in real-time time scales,

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What happens when there’s a request for an outage?

Take a look at how a request for an outage on the National Electricity Transmission System is actioned by the Network Access Planning Team of engineers.

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eNAMS is the outage planning application that has been developed by the System Operator to manage outages on the NETS.

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eGAMA is externally a tool provided to generators or interconnectors to meet their OC2 requirements for providing outage data to NGTESO.

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Day in the life of

Find out here what a typical day looks like for the engineers working with Network Access Planning team.