eNAMS (electricity Network Access Management System) is an NGESO developed tool created to effectively manage asset owners’ electricity system outage requests and to give visibility of those outages to affected users.

It replaces the Outage Management capability within TOGA (Transmission Outage & Generator Availability) and enables:

  • Requesting and approving of system outages
  • Commissioning and decommissioning of assets
  • Management of OCLRs (Operation Capability Limitation Records)
  • Performance reporting

Overview of eNAMS

  • Approach to the next generation of Network Access Planning, which is strong on interaction between different organisations in the electricity industry.
  • There is a key focus on collaboration, interaction, coordination, data management and process.
  • eNAMS is based on Salesforce, a world class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. 
  • eNAMS will be cloud based, accessible and extensible.
  • eNAMS replicates and enhances the functionality in TOGA and includes capabilities complimentary to the STCPs to facilitate effecting outage planning.
  • eNAMS has identified process and data enhancements and makes use of existing data used within the ESO. 
  • eNAMS has included additional capability to support collaboration, reporting and data access.  

Training guides and key documents



eGAMA (electricity Generator Availability and Margin Analysis) is externally a tool provided to generators/interconnectors to meet their OC2 requirements for providing outage data to NGTESO, if we cannot take their data from the Elexon Remit Portal.