eGAMA (electricity Generator Availability and Margin Analysis) is externally a tool provided to generators/interconnectors to meet their OC2 requirements for providing outage data to NGTESO, if we cannot take their data from the Elexon Remit Portal.

Internally, it allows for Margin calculation and planning.

The system along with the REMIT data collection replaces the old TOGA-GOAMP.

On this page, you can download the latest user guide and the Submission Interface Specification document for submitting OC2 data using the eGAMA system.

Overview of eGAMA

  • eGAMA intends to make use of 80% of the outage data already supplied by Generators through the Elexon REMIT Portal.
  • Duplicate submissions will stop for many (those who submit via Elexon REMIT), but eGAMA will still provide a submission interface for the remainder.
  • It will automate internal processes for provisioning ELEXON with Margin and Surplus data.
  • It will use the data to help with Network modelling.
  • eGAMA will be cloud based, accessible and extensible.


How to register

If you have not already been given access to eGAMA and you need access, please follow the step-by-step guidance. 

During the process of registration we will require you to give us some extra details before completing registration.

Register for the eGAMA Portal

Key documents and guidance


eNAMS guides

eNAMS (electricity Network Access Management System) is an NGESO developed tool created to effectively manage asset owners’ electricity system outage requests and to give visibility of those outages to affected users.