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Electricity explained

Ever wonder what zero carbon really means? Curious about carbon intensity?

Find out more on our Electricity Explained hub.

Great Britain’s electricity system is one of the oldest, and most complex, in the world.

Every year the ESO moves 300 Terawatt Hours (TWh) of electricity - equivalent to 4 trillion kettles boiling at once – around our system, all whilst enabling the transformation to a sustainable energy system.

We’re experts in all things electricity and we’ve got some of the world’s top engineers working for us to innovate and shape our system of the future.

And we want to share all that knowledge with you.

So if you’re musing about megawatts, or have questions about renewable energy and why we think electric vehicles are such an important part of our future, you’re in the right place.

Learn about some of the hot topics and key challenges facing our industry right here.

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Carbon intensity explained

What is carbon intensity? Plus, find out how you can help us make use of all that spare green electricity!

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Zero carbon explained

We're aiming for electricity to be zero-carbon by 2025, watch the videos and find out what zero carbon means and why it's so important for the energy industry.

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Great Britain’s Electricity Explained Report

Every month, we share a snapshot of Great Britain’s electricity generation and use.

Find out about the month’s electricity generation and how much came from sources such as wind, solar and biomass.

You can also see the carbon intensity of the electricity we used. 

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Power cuts explained

Ever wonder what you should do when there's a power cut? See our top tips for a power cut and a power cut checklist!

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Electric cars explained

Thinking about getting an electric car? We bust the 8 most common myths about electric cars.

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