The Network Planning Review (NPR) has been established by the ESO to ensure that network design and investment processes in GB are fit for the future.

To do this, the review seeks to ensure network planning processes appropriately capture the required range of network capacity and operability needs, and to understand how they can support a more strategic approach to planning the transmission network infrastructure that can support delivery of the UK’s net-zero ambitions.

There are two significant ongoing projects that are of direct relevance to the NPR; The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s Offshore Transmission Network Review (OTNR) project and Ofgem’s Electricity Transmission Network Planning Review (ETNPR). The NPR will engage with these projects throughout and incorporate relevant outputs from both projects.

How will our Network Planning Review support these ongoing projects?

The output of the NPR will inform a clearer idea as to what Ofgem’s vision of a CSNP (Centralised Strategic Network Plan) could look like. Ofgem’s suggestion is that having a CSNP would provide greater confidence when making strategic investments and with greater coordination. The following aspects of network planning are in scope for review, and we anticipate strong alignment with the enduring aspects of BEIS’ OTNR project:

  1. Modelling of supply and demand
  2. The identification of system needs
  3. The identification of options for addressing system needs
  4. How to make decisions on which options to progress

What is our approach?

The NPR project started in earnest in January 2022, although preliminary activities were undertaken from summer 2021 in collaboration with Ofgem’s ETNPR. The first stage of the project is a process mapping and gap analysis exercise to capture existing network planning processes, identify gaps and propose options to resolve them. The second stage will involve the identification of additional capabilities and processes required for NGESO to be able to undertake strategic network planning. This is due to be delivered July 2022 and, as the work evolves, it will support our engagement with Ofgem’s ETNPR through that period. The consultants DNV have been enlisted to help us to deliver these first two stages.

Key documents

Ofgem’s ETNPR consultation

Ofgem’s ETNPR consultation

Offshore Coordination

Offshore Coordination 

Latest news from the project

Contractors DNV have initiated interviews with teams involved in the network planning process across the ESO. The network planning stages are being mapped and gaps identified as part of Stage 1.


How can I get involved?

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Please register your interest by emailing: [email protected]