Our electricity transmission network planning process is evolving to ensure network design and investment processes are fit for the future.

The Pathway to 2030 Holistic Network Design and the recommendations set out in the Network Options Assessment (NOA) were the first steps towards a more centralised, strategic network planning approach that is critical for delivering affordable, clean and secure power, as we journey towards our net zero future.

We’re building on this long-term, strategic approach through the development of a Centralised Strategic Network Plan (CSNP). The CSNP will take a broad, whole energy system view to transforming the pace and scale of our planning. 

We’re also developing a high-level initial methodology, which will centre around the decisions set out in Ofgem’s decision document on the framework for the CSNP. It will capture the key processes of the new framework concentrating on electricity transmission network planning.

For electricity, it will integrate the onshore and offshore transmission networks in Great Britain as well as cross-border electricity interconnectors and offshore hybrid assets.

We propose to focus on areas of significant change from our current approach to network planning. For example, we’ll outline how we’ll expand analysis of year-round system needs across the transmission network; how environmental and community impacts can be considered at the high-level design stage; and how we we’ll develop the framework to allow Transmission Operators and third parties to develop network options.

We intend to conduct a comprehensive consultation on the CSNP in early 2024 to provide opportunity for feedback from a broad range of stakeholders before we publish a more comprehensive, final methodology for the CSNP later in 2024.

Our transitional methodology known as the Transitional Centralised Strategic Network Plan (tCSNP) will publish early network recommendations in 2024.

Key documents

Engagement on the CSNP methodology

Get involved in developing the CSNP methodology.

Ofgem’s ETNPR consultation

Ofgem’s ETNPR consultation

Offshore Coordination

Offshore Coordination 


How can I get involved?

Share your thoughts and feedback on our approach, as well as your priorities in the initial version of the methodology, by emailing [email protected] or through our QR code:

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