The portal has been designed to transform the connections journey and account management for all customers.

The portal has digitised the application process and includes the following high-level functionality:

  • Apply for connections and other agreements online.
  • Monitor live applications and track progress.
  • Access to signed contract documents.
  • View of key milestones/milestone management.
  • Communicate directly with your Connections Contract Manager.

Register to use the Portal

Each company will need to have a Super User set up and registered, who will then be able to approve registrations for four other Standard Users within their company without the need to wait for approvals from us.

Refer to the step-by-step guidance for both Standard and Super User registration in the User Guide within the key documents section below. 

Please only register for a Portal account if you wish to connect to the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS), the high voltage transmission system operated by ESO. For connections to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) network, who own and operate the infrastructure that connect homes and commercial properties to the NETS, please contact the relevant provider.

Access the Connections Portal

Key documents

Portal Release Plan

Connections portal development timeline


Platform Development

Stakeholder input has been key in the shaping of the Connections Portal. Since May 2022, we've been engaging with customers and stakeholders through a series of workshops and webinars to deliver the first release.  

We run a regular schedule of webinars and workshops to understand your experience of the Portal and shape future functionality. Please see our Events Calendar for upcoming events or sign up to the connections newsletter to be the first to hear of events and planned releases.

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