New queue management power from Ofgem

Ofgem has approved Code Modification CMP376 – Inclusion of Queue Management process within the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC).

This modification will allow us to proactively manage the connections queue, one of the key components of our five-point plan to speed up grid connections and evolve our network to make it fit for the future, deliver net zero, and keep clean power flowing across Great Britain.

Ofgem’s approval

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How we’re managing the connections queue

We’re proactively managing the connections queue so customers whose projects are progressing at their contracted rate can connect to the transmission network as quickly as possible. 

This is being achieved by terminating contracted projects not progressing against agreed milestones to free-up space for projects which are. This allows us to ensure capacity is fully utilised and projects have the best chance to connect when ready.

Projects that aren’t progressing against agreed milestones will be terminated following Ofgem’s approval of CMP376 – Inclusion of Queue Management process.

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