This page has links to the Connections registers, reports and other relevant publications prepared by our Connections team. Including the annual Wider Tariff Securities Report and the Transmission Works Register Report.

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Connections registers

These registers are published twice weekly and show the latest contracted position.

The Connections registers are now also published in a machine readable format on our National Grid ESO Data Portal, you can access this by using the link below.

Connection registers

Latest TEC Register

A list of projects that hold contracts for Transmission Entry Capacity (TEC) with us. These include existing and future connection projects. And projects that can be directly linked to the NETS, or connected at a distribution level.

Latest Embedded Register

A list of connected or contracted to connect embedded generation projects in Scotland.

Latest Interconnector Register

A list of interconnector projects that hold connection contacts with us. These include active interconnectors and future interconnector projects.

Connections reports

Additional reports relating to Connections.

Transmission Works Report

A list of all the transmission reinforcement schemes being carried out across Transmission Owners to facilitate customer connections.

LDTEC Applications

A list of customer applications and relevant details for Limited Duration Transmission Entry Capacity (LDTEC).

STTEC Applications

A list of customer applications and relevant details for Short Term Transmission Entry Capacity (STTEC).

Additional documents

More publications from our Connections team.

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