Dynamic Regulation – How to participate

In order to participate in Dynamic Regulation (DR), you must register on the Single Markets Platform. More information on this can be found below. In addition, key information on the onboarding process can be found in the Participation Guidance in the 'Legal documents' folder below.

If you have any questions, please contact the team at: [email protected]

Single Markets Platform

  • The Single Markets Platform (SMP) will be the route through which interested parties are able to register and pre-qualify to participate in day ahead frequency response markets of DC, DM and DR.

  • The SMP system is replacing the Form A, B and C process and putting the ownership of data in the hands of the market participant.

  • The SMP can be accessed via this link where you can register as a user, share your company details, register assets, create units to participate in services and seek to prequalify such units. Please note that the accounts for existing Dynamic Containment providers have been created proactively - please speak to your Ancillary Services account manager to find out more.

  • A supporting guidance video and guidance document are available here. Further support can be given by the Ancillary Services account management team.

ESO Data Portal

You can access the full results and dashboard from the DR, DM and DC auctions here


We are using the EPEX auction platform to procure DC, DM and DR. Key documents can be found below.

We hosted a webinar on the mock auction for DC, DM and DR procurement on 8 March 2022. Below is a recording of the webinar as well as the slides that we presented.

Webinar recording can be found here.

Data Concentrator

Data Concentrator is the channel by which both BM and non-BM providers will share performance monitoring data. For the launch of DM/DR, BM providers will also submit availability information via Data Concentrator, using the Notification of Availability/Outage CSV File Format. This will replace the current fax-based process for submitting availability declarations. The availability field in operational metering will also be deprecated in favour of the Data Concentrator route.

Data Concentrator information can be found here.

Information for non-BM providers

To participate in DM and DR, non-BM providers will need to communicate via an API-based interface with the ESO’s Non-BM Dispatch system, Ancillary Services Dispatch Platform (ASDP)/Platform for Ancillary Services (PAS). Testing and approval of this interface will form part of the prequalification process. 

Updated versions of the ASDP Web Services Specification and Business Logic Document can be found below.

The Web Service Specification document describes the most recent version of web services to be implemented from both National Grid ESO (PAS) system and Service Providers’ systems. It also describes the technical specifications including Web Services Description Language (WSDLs) and XML Schema Definition, methods and parameters to be used to invoke the WSDLs, connection patterns and protocols, security measures. The validations and exceptions are particular to each ancillary service and hence these will be published as a separate ‘Business Logic Document’ for each ancillary service.

Technical overview of ASDP video can be found here.

Additional help and support pages

We have brought together some useful resources to help you understand how to become a provider.


Read our frequently asked questions in the document library regarding Frequency Response Reform including Dynamic Regulation.

Guides and documents

Visit the document library for all documents relating to Dynamic Regulation.

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