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Future frequency response products

As part of our work to improve and develop our balancing services products and markets as outlined in the Product Roadmap, we are investigating what a new, faster-acting frequency response product may look like, and how it could form part of a new suite of frequency response products.

Dynamic Containment

For more information on Dynamic Containment, please see the new webpage via the link below.

Dynamic Containment

Future frequency response products

Technical workshops

Following the webinar and survey, we ran three workshops with selected members of the industry throughout May.  These workshops allowed us to discuss our proposals in more detail, explore the reasons behind some of the design decisions we have made, and understand providers' views firsthand. 

View presentation to industry workshops

Webinar on initial design concept

We held a webinar to outline our initial design concepts for the planned faster-acting frequency response products on 14 March 2018. The webinar was focused on the technical development rather than commercial framework and procurement methodologies, which will be developed at a later stage.

You can download the slides and presenter notes for the webinar on initial design concepts. 

Following the webinar, we asked industry parties to provide feedback on the initial design concepts through a questionnaire, followed by a number of small technical workshops with industry volunteers.  All the information gathered is now being used in the next stage of development.