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Here, you will find the forms you need to set up or change bank details with us, to change a reactive meter, change a contact or find out about payment statements, estimates, and invoicing. Our settlements team is responsible for calculating and making payments to ancillary (balancing) service providers.

Useful template documents

Use these forms if you need to send us (or update) your contact details, or have a query or dispute.

Each form contains details of how to send them back to us. 

Settlements timetable 2019-20

Validating payments

Each month we will send reports to service providers to allow them to validate payments as quickly and as easily as possible.

Preliminary statements and payment estimates

Both a preliminary statement of the ancillary services and a payment estimate for these services are issued by the eighth business day of the month following when the service was provided.

Preliminary statements are not produced for short term operating reserve (STOR) service.

Final statements and self-bill invoices

A final statement for each ancillary service, along with the self-bill invoices, is issued by the eighteenth business day of the month following when the service was provided.


For the Aggregated latest Balancing Services Adjustment Data (BSAD) and Disaggregated Balancing Services Adjustment Data (DISBSAD), please visit our extranet pages

To access our Service guides, please refer to the main Balancing services page.  

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Balancing data

Data, reports, and supporting information for users of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) including the latest operational data and more.

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Data explorer

Explore cost and volume forecasts and outcomes relating to balancing services, reserve, and response.

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