Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charges

The BSUoS charge recovers the cost of day-to-day operation of the transmission system.

Who does this charge apply to?

✓ Generators
✓ Suppliers
✓ Directly connected Transmission demand
✕ Distribution Network Operators
✕ Embedded Generators
✕ Interconnectors

Generators and suppliers are liable for these charges, which are calculated daily as a flat tariff for all users. BSUoS charges depend on the balancing actions that we take each day, but we provide a monthly forecast of BSUoS. You can also consult historical BSUoS charges.

The methodology that calculates BSUoS is set out in Section 14 of the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC).

The monthly forecast of BSUoS is provided as part of the current Monthly Balancing Services Summary report .


Introduction to BSUOS

For more general information about the BSUoS charging process, please consult our introduction presentation.

Download the PDF

Useful information and documents

BSUoS Payment Calendar

We have produced a revised version of our BSUoS payment calendar to cover a billing system outage (2 July – 18 July 2021).

NEW BCR Report – DAT File Changes Presentation

This document explains how to interpret the new .DAT format of the BCR report, effective from April 2019.

BSUoS data sources

There are several places you can find data sources on BSUoS charges. In this note we provide links to a variety of sources that we hope you will find useful.

SFTP Connection Instructions for Retrieving BPA and BCR Reports for BSUoS

Step by step instructions on retrieving your BSUoS BPA and BCR

BSUoS data

CMP395 BSUoS Data

Historical BSUoS data - II

Historical BSUoS data - SF

Published Sort ascending Name
2021-2022 SF
2020-2021 SF
2018-2019 SF
2019-2020 SF
2017-2018 SF
2016-2017 SF
2015-2016 SF
2014-2015 SF
2013-2014 SF
2012-2013 SF
2011-2012 SF
2010-2011 SF
2009-2010 SF
2008-2009 SF
2007-2008 SF
2006-2007 SF
2005-2006 SF
2004-2005 SF
2003-2004 SF
2002-2003 SF

Historical BSUoS data - RF

Here you will find historic BSUoS data for all Reconciliation Final (RF) data for financial years dating back to 2001.

Published Sort ascending Name
2017-2018 RF
2018-2019 RF
2019-2020 RF
2016-2017 RF
2015-2016 RF
2014-2015 RF
2013-2014 RF
2012-2013 RF
2011-2012 RF
2010-2011 RF
2009-2010 RF
2008-2009 RF
2007-2008 RF
2006-2007 RF
2005-2006 RF
2004-2005 RF
2003-2004 RF
2002-2003 RF
2001-2002 RF
2000-2001 RF

Forecast volumes and costs

Breakdown of operating margin (OPMR), based on forecast volume of reserve, forecast volume of frequency response required, annual weighting factors for STOR contracts, and forecasts of BSUoS charges.

Industry Data and Reports

Contains data and support for users of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). Here you will find the latest operational data, forecasts, and reports.

Data Portal

Use the ESO Data Portal to gain access to BSUoS Charges and Balancing Costs related datasets that are geared towards API compatibility, providing additional flexibility to end users.

Additional help and support


Charging guidance

Access a range of guidance materials to help you understand how, when and what you’ll be charged.


BSUoS enquiries

Contact us directly to raise a query relating to BSUoS, or to provide feedback. Please note our usual contact number is currently unmanned due to COVID-19 Homeworking


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