Dynamic Regulation (DR)

Dynamic Regulation (DR) is a pre-fault service designed to slowly correct continuous but small deviations in frequency. The aim is to continually regulate frequency around the target of 50Hz.

Currently, the electricity system is experiencing lower inertia and larger, more numerous losses than ever before. Faster acting frequency response products are needed because system frequency is moving away from 50Hz more rapidly as a consequence of imbalances.

The ESO aims to deliver a new suite of faster-acting frequency response services to support our operations as the electricity system is decarbonised. Dynamic Regulation alongside Dynamic Moderation will complete the suite of new end-state services that will mitigate this risk following the launch of Dynamic Containment.

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Latest news and updates

2 September 2021

As discussed at the Single Market Platform webinar, due to discovering more complexities with developing the new services we are pushing the consultation dates back. See the delivery timeline section below for more information.

16 July 2021

Following the publication of the workshop feedback video, we have also published FAQs from the workshops. The document can be viewed here.

2 July 2021

Following the technical workshops held in June, we have published a summary video of the feedback we received. The recording can be viewed here. A copy of the slides can be found in the document library.

28 May 2021

We have published the feedback from the Response Reform webinar on the DM and DR service design. The document can be accessed here.

30 April 2021

Following the Response Reform webinar on 29 April, we have published the slides, recording & FAQ document. The recording can be viewed here. The FAQ document and slides can be found in the document library.

23 March 2021

As part of Markets week, we have published the Frequency Response Reform podcast which discusses the new DR service. The podcast can be accessed here.

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FAQ document

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Delivery timeline

Following the technical workshops we held early in the summer and the modelling we have been doing on the product design we are working through a set of complexities, which does require further modelling and therefore the consultation dates will be later than previously communicated.

Also, we know that those interested in the DM and DR designs want time to engage with us before we launch the consultation, so in order to ensure that, we are pushing the consultation dates back. We expect to launch the consultation later this calendar year with the launch of the services still due in March.

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