NOA Stability Pathfinder

What is the NOA Stability Pathfinder?

The NOA Stability Pathfinder looks for the most cost-effective way to address stability issues in the electricity system created by the decline in transmission connected synchronous generation.

The System Operability Framework (SOF) highlighted the operability risks related to this decline, and as part of our Network Development Roadmap we want to explore the potential for applying an NOA-style approach to the operability aspects of system stability. We’ll be looking at distribution and market-based solutions as well as the more traditional transmission-based solutions.


What we’re trying to achieve

Seeking services from new providers

Stability service providers are vital to meeting system needs. We’re looking for new providers to help us address stability issues on the electricity system.

We’ll invite potential providers and relevant network owners to submit proposals that address specific system needs. This is a collaborative process between providers, National Grid ESO and the relevant network operators, assessing the proposal’s feasibility and commercial value.

Following technical and economic assessment we will recommend solutions to move forward either via commercial contracts or regulated arrangements.

Supporting the transition to a carbon-free network

The decline in synchronous generation is leading to a decline in system stability. 

Services that help control the stability of the network support our transition to renewable energy, and ultimately a zero-carbon network.


How to get involved

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Stability Pathfinder updates

The latest news for key Pathfinder projects.


NOA Stability Pathfinder – Phase 1 (concluded)

Phase 1 was looking for the most cost effective way to increase inertia (stored energy) across Great Britain.


NOA Stability Pathfinder – Phase 2 (concluded)

Phase 2 was looking for the most cost effective way to increase both stability and inertia (stored energy) in Scotland.

National Grid ESO- People working in modern office

NOA Stability Pathfinder – Phase 3 (ongoing)

Phase 3 is looking for the most cost effective way to increase both short circuit level and inertia at specified locations within England and Wales.