Firm Frequency Response (FFR) is our traditional frequency response suite used for balancing grid frequency in real time. 

  • Static FFR will continue to be actively procured until replaced with a future enduring static product. 
  • Dynamic FFR is being phased out over the period FY23/24 as our new dynamic response services (DC, DM, DR) offset this requirement. See details of our new dynamic response services. 

Service Transition


Dynamic FFR

Static FFR

FY 2022-23

Dynamic service (as-is)     
Procured monthly

Static service (as-is)     
Procured monthly

FY 2023-24

Dynamic service (as-is)     
Procured monthly

Static service (as-is)     
Procured day-ahead

FY 2024-25


Static service (see point below)     
Procured day-ahead


  • Following the delivery of Release 1 we intent to explore the role that a static response service might play in our enduring suite of response and reserve products and what that static service looks like.
  • Proposed that day ahead Static response auction will be pay as clear.
  • We expect to continue to procure dynamic FFR during the warmer months of 2023 until the DM and DR markets develop. This is subject to extending a derogation against the Clean Energy Package regulation.
Technical Requirements

FFR is currently split into two services which are called Dynamic FFR and Static FFR. The minimum entry threshold for both services is 1MW which can be provided by either a single or aggregated assets. The requirements for delivery of these services are different. 

Dynamic frequency response is a continuously provided service used to manage the normal second-by-second changes on the system and needs to provide: 

  • Primary response - Response provided within 10 seconds of an event, which can be sustained for a further 20 seconds. 
  • Secondary response - Response provided within 30 seconds of an event, which can be sustained for a further 30 minutes. 
  • High frequency response - Response provided within 10 seconds of an event, which can be sustained indefinitely. 

Static frequency response is a non-dynamic frequency response service which is triggered at a defined frequency deviation. 

  • Static response – response provided within 30 seconds and sustained until 30 minutes following the point at which the frequency trigger was reached.
New Providers

FFR is procured through a monthly tender process. Once service providers succeed in the pre-qualification assessment and sign onto a framework agreement, they will then be able to tender into the monthly tenders. The FFR tender close at 5pm on the 1st business day of each month, the results and contract award notifications are published no later than 5pm on the 12th business day. 

FFR tender results are published on the ESO data portal and contract award letters are issued via email 

Providers will need to test their assets in accordance with the testing procedure described in the FFR Testing Guidance prior to being able submit tenders, also accessible under Market Information on the data portal. For further information please contact your Account Manager. 

Existing Providers

Settlements Information: Payments for response services are handled by our settlements team.

Access the settlements page

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Current documentation

Asset testing

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Before and asset can participate in the FFR tenders it must have passed testing for the service that it is bidding into. Asset testing is a series of tests designed to prove that the assets can deliver the service in accordance with the service design, the tests are then signed off by an independent technical engineer using the template in the testing documentation. 

FFR Framework Agreements

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There are several different FFR framework agreements. Depending on how you are going to register the unit delivering the service (BM or non-BM) and how the unit is made up (single asset or aggregated assets). This will determine which framework agreement you will need. It is possible to have multiple framework agreements.

Latest updates

FFR Calendar and Tender Round Update

We have now released the 2023/2024 tender calendar for FFR tender rounds 159 (March 2023) onwards.

View the 2023/2024 tender calendar

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