You can raise a modification – or mod – when you want to propose a change to any part of the CUSC.

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Modification status
ID Name Status Last Updated Sort ascending
CMP430 CMP430: Adjustments to TNUoS Charging from 2025 to support the Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme Current
CMP438 CMP438: Clarification of Illustrative Example of a TNUoS Demand Reconciliation Current
CMP435 CMP435 Application of Gate 2 Criteria to existing contracted background Current
CMP431 CMP431:Adjustments to TNUoS Charging from 2025 to support the Market Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme (Non-Charging) Current
CMP424 CMP424: Amendments to Scaling Factors used for Year Round TNUoS Charges Current
CMP414 CMP414: "CMP330/CMP374 Consequential Modification" Current
CMP434 CMP434 Implementing Connections Reform Current
CMP393 CMP393: Using Imports and Exports to Calculate Annual Load Factor for Electricity Storage Current
CMP428 CMP428: User Commitment liabilities for Onshore Transmission (reinforcement) in the Holistic Network Design Concluded
CMP397 CMP397: Consequential changes required to CUSC Exhibits B and D to reflect CMP316 (Co-Located Generation Sites) Current

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