The CUSC Panel is made up of an independent panel chair, a panel technical secretary and code administrator representative (provided by us), seven appointed panel members, a consumer representative and an authority representative.

It meets every month, but will also meet on an ad hoc basis if needed. Its function is to:

  • evaluate and administer amendments to the code
  • review any consequences of those amendments
  • administer the code itself
  • establish joint working arrangements
  • prioritise modifications
Recent updates
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The CUSC Panel Election Results 2023

The CUSC Panel Elections take place every two years to determine the CUSC Users' Panel members and Alternates.  The current Panel term is for the following period: 1 October 2023–30 September 2025. 


Our next panel meeting is on 22 March 2024

The meeting will run from 10am to 3pm and will be held via Microsoft Teams. Panel papers will be issued on 14 March 2024. 

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Last panel meeting

Our last panel meeting was held on 23 February 2024. Agenda, panel papers and headline report can be found on the meeting page.

Panel members

The CUSC Panel

Trisha Mcauley Independent Panel Chair Contact Trisha
Claire Goult Code Administrator Panel Secretary Contact Claire 
Milly Lewis Code Administrator Representative Contact Milly 
Andrew Enzor Panel Member Contact Andrew
Binoy Dharsi Panel Member Contact Binoy
Garth Graham Panel Member Contact Garth
Joe Colebrook Panel Member Contact Joe
Joseph Dunn Panel Member Contact Joseph
Kyran Hanks Panel Member Contact Kyran
Paul Jones Panel Member Contact Paul
Cem Suleyman Alternate Panel Member Contact Cem
Mark Duffield Alternate Panel Member Contact Mark
Lauren Jauss Alternate Panel Member Contact Lauren
Camille Gilsenan ESO Representative Contact Camille
Claire Huxley ESO Representative Contact Claire
Andy Pace Consumer Panel Representative  Contact Andy
Rashmi Radhakrishnan BSC Representative Contact Rashmi
Nadir Hafeez Ofgem Representative Contact Nadir
Previous panel meetings

If you’re looking for a particular Panel meeting you can use the ESO calendar.

We have also included all documents associated with them in the below tabs.

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