CMP435 Application of Gate 2 Criteria to existing contracted background

The related “Implementing Connection Reform” Modification introduces new processes and definitions that will update the existing processes and enable new applicants with more ready projects to progress more rapidly to connection. Gate 2 is a key component of the update; however, the size and rate of growth of the connections queue means that significant action is required as soon as possible to reduce the current queue so that viable projects can be connected more quickly and so that the benefits of our proposed Connections Reform model can be delivered earlier. This Modification seeks to address this by applying a project milestone / criteria (‘Gate 2’) to all existing contracted parties before they are provided with confirmed connection dates and locations.

Modification status:
Current - Workgroup
Last updated:
16 May 2024

Code Administrator Contact: Elana Byrne - [email protected] 

Proposed Governance Route: Urgent modification proceeding under a timetable approved by the Authority (with Authority decision)

High Impacts: Transmission Owners, Interconnectors, Generators, Demand, Distribution Network Operators , Independent Distribution Network Operators, Electricity System Operator and Consumers


Code modification proposed by:
Alice Taylor