Here you can find an indexed archive of publications, reports and documents relating to the Distributed ReStart project.  

The value of sharing what we’ve learnt 

The outcomes and findings from the Distributed ReStart project will be of immense value to the industry, both locally and internationally, as energy systems seek to decarbonise and decentralise. The dissemination of these findings is one of Ofgem's key requirements for the project. 

In our archive below you can browse through all our publications and an indexed archive of reports and documents. These include events, webinar slides, case studies, viability assessments and progress reports. 

Helpful links  

Find information relating to the tender process for electricity system restoration on our Restoration Services webpage.  

Read our webpage about the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Electricity System Restoration Standard

Visit the Energy Networks Association’s website to learn about their Open Networks programme to develop a smart grid.   

Latest publications

October 2023

Distributed ReStart project closedown report

October 2023

Final Findings and Proposals for Electricity System Restoration from DERs

October 2023

Power Engineering and Trials - Demonstration of Black Start from DERs (Live Trials Report) Part 3

Documents archive 

Browse through our archive of previous reports and documents.  

Webinars and events

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Redhouse live trial webinar – October 2023

Watch the recording and download the slides from our webinar on the world-first Redhouse live trial.

Watch the webinar

Download the slides

ESIG webinar: Restoration of the Future – August 2023

Watch the recording and download the slides from our webinar with the Energy Systems Integration Group.

Watch the webinar 

Download the slides

DRZC independent system testing webinar – April 2023

Watch the recording and download the slides from the DRZC independent system testing webinar. 

Watch the webinar 

Download the slides

Closedown event webinar – final conclusions – November 2022 

Watch the recording of our closedown event webinar and read the event slides to learn about our final findings and proposals.

Watch the closedown event webinar

Download the closedown event webinar slides

The demonstration stage: distributed restoration works in practice – May 2022 

Download the Annual Event May 2022 presentation slides 

Download the Annual Event May 2022 Q&A 

Watch the Annual Event May 2022 webinar 

Podcast launch of the P&C Final Report – January 2022 

Listen to the podcast 

Download the report 

Podcast launch of the OST Final Report – September 2021 

Listen to the podcast 

Download the report 

P&C test procurement event – August/September 2021 

Launch webinar slides 

Appendix 1 – Mock Tender Requirements Document 

Appendix 2 – Mock Tender Submission Template 

Distributed ReStart procurement and compliance: DER stakeholder engagement webinar – May 2021 

Webinar recording 

Webinar slides 

Draft procurement process map 

Process map supporting document 

Recording explaining the draft procurement process 

Draft functional requirements 

Procurement  draft rules of play 

Questions and answers from the webinar 

Live Trials Podcast

The Live Trials Stage Podcast Event – April 2021 

Annual conference 2020 

Annual Conference 2020 Slides 

Annual Conference 2020 Ofgem Slides  

Annual Conference 2020 Open Networks Presentation  

Annual Conference 2020 Imperial College 

Annual Conference 2020 ESO Innovation 

Annual Conference 2020 Citizens Advice 

Annual Conference 2020 Panel and Close 

March 2019 webinar 

March Webinar 2019 Case Study Selection Process 

March Webinar 2019 Questions & Answers 

Other webinars

January Webinar 2020 

Transmission and Distribution Workshop – September 2019 

August Webinar 2019 

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