Discover how stakeholder engagement through the Knowledge and Dissemination workstream has been crucial to the success of the project.  

The importance of stakeholder engagement 

Stakeholder engagement has been critical for sharing the Distributed ReStart project’s key challenges and findings – these will be of immense value to the industry, both locally and internationally, as energy systems seek to decarbonise and decentralise. 

Stakeholder engagement has also played an important role in incorporating valuable feedback into the project. 

Knowledge and Dissemination workstream  

The project’s Knowledge and Dissemination workstream was responsible for sharing the project’s learnings with a variety of stakeholders. These ranged from distributed energy resources (DERs) and network operators through to academics and policy makers. 

The workstream kept industry stakeholders up to date with the project’s progress via:   

  • face-to-face events 
  • webinars 
  • podcasts 
  • email campaigns 
  • Social media – LinkedIn 
  • press releases 
  • videos 
  • reports

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the workstream continued to engage with stakeholders by moving its communications channels online.  

To view and download our webinars, videos and reports please visit our documents library.

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The Knowledge and Dissemination workstream produced several podcasts for an annual event and to launch key reports. 

Podcast launch – P&C final report

This podcast in January 2022 launched the final report for the Procurement and Compliance workstream. The podcast was hosted by Trisha Lewis, Simon Harrison interviewed the engineers and workstream leads.

Podcast launch – OST final report

In September 2021, this podcast launched the Organisational, Systems, and Telecoms workstream’s final report. The podcast was hosted by Trisha Lewis, Simon Harrison interviewed the engineers and workstream leads.

The Live Trials Stage podcast event

This 5-day podcast event for the “Live Trials Stage” annual event, launched in April 2021. The five podcasts featured interviews with the project leads and engineers including discussions with a panel of distinguished external experts.


Email campaigns

The Knowledge and Dissemination workstream used email campaigns to effectively disseminate information to the project’s database. 

Emails were used to launch events and reports including communicating the results of the world-first live trials. 

Social Media LinkedIn

Social media – LinkedIn

LinkedIn was used to grow awareness of the project and increase the mailing database. 

The platform was also used to engage with stakeholders and promote the project’s events and outputs from the live trials. 

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