Here you can find updates on the delivery of the new system that is due to be delivered in the financial year 2024/25 to manage the Electricity Market Reform Capacity Market. To find out more about Electricity Market Reform and our current portal, you can visit the EMR website. 

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The new EMR Delivery Body Portal will soon replace our existing system with a fresh design, intuitive functionality, and a more customer-centric interface. Our goal is to listen to our customers and deliver a user-friendly portal that is easy for you to navigate.

The new EMR Delivery Body Portal will:

  • make sure your data is more secure
  • make updates easier to perform
  • mean that system changes can be implemented quicker and cheaper
  • provide improved navigation and a user-friendly experience

Our website provides all the information around the delivery of the new EMR DB Portal.

Project updates
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Delivery roadmap

We understand some of our future users would like to understand our delivery road map in more detail. 

As with all our road maps, these are subject to change, but give an idea of what stage of the project we are currently at. 

EMR Timeline

How are we building the new portal?

Our approach follows an Agile methodology, which means the portal is developed in bite-sized chunks. This allows it to remain flexible and receptive to customer feedback throughout the project. 

The delivery process diagram shows the high-level process that we follow. 

Our progress so far

Here is a summary of our progress so far. Our time is mostly split between the ongoing activities of refining requirements, development, testing, and feedback capture. ​

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What to expect from our new portal
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The new EMR DB Portal will provide a smoother customer experience to ensure processes such as Prequalification and Agreement Management are simpler and more intuitive. 

Your feedback identified the importance of viewing documents, results, and outstanding activities with greater ease, particularly when managing large portfolios. 

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Salesforce platform

We know Salesforce well, as it is successfully used throughout the ESO. It’s a tried and tested platform known for its excellent user experience with clear screens, easy navigation, and modern interface. While it integrates seamlessly with other technologies, it also benefits from being a highly secure system, meaning that your data is safer than ever before. 

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System changes

It’s important to us that the new portal remains flexible to rule changes and customer feedback. As a result, it has been designed with a dynamic infrastructure to ensure that system updates are quick and inexpensive. 

As one of the key requirements of the new portal, we aim to work closely with customers and delivery partners and react swiftly to implement future changes to the portal. 

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Evolving portal

While the portal will be mostly delivered in 2024, there are further system enhancements which we intend to deliver - meaning the portal that you see today will only keep getting better. 

And as our portal evolves, so too will our roadmap, to ensure we accommodate more of the updates you would like to see.

User Group

Our User Group Interaction

Our User Group kindly provide their thoughts and insights on requirements as well as developed functionality. Members of our user group play a vital role in helping steer the direction of the portal with their invaluable feedback. They also receive early visibility and demonstrations of new functionality.

We have published the outputs from the User Group sessions on this page. We also share a summary of the user group outputs in our newsletter that we intend to publish approximately every 6 weeks. If you require any further information or clarification, please get in touch with our team.

Support documentation

As we build our portal and release functionality, you will be able to find webinars, and training and guidance material below. We will continue to add resources here as the project progresses.

Contact us

If you have any questions and you would like to reach out to us and send us an email.

Feedback form

We understand the limitations of our existing portal and over the years we have gathered your feedback on what you want to see in the future. 

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