Future Energy Scenarios (FES) represent a range of different, credible ways to decarbonise our energy system as we strive towards the 2050 target.

We’re just 30 years away from the net zero deadline, which isn’t long when you consider investment cycles for gas networks, electricity transmission lines and domestic heating systems.

FES has an important role to play in stimulating debate and helping to shape the energy system of the future.

Discover FES 2021

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FES 2022 Stakeholder Feedback Document

Read this year’s Stakeholder Feedback Document to see the engagement that has taken place and the insight we have gathered for FES 2022. The document also sets out the updated Scenario Framework and looks back at the actions we promised in the 2021 Stakeholder Feedback Document.

Download FES 2022 stakeholder feedback

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Future of Energy podcast series

Our new podcast series explores key themes from Future Energy Scenarios 2021, assessing the energy Britain needs, examining where it could come from, how it needs to change and what this means for consumers, society and the energy system itself. 

Our latest Future of Energy podcast looks at the future of hydrogen. Hydrogen is becoming a vital source of energy, but how does it actually help us produce energy and how will it be used to replace some of our current energy sources? In this episode Samantha Simmonds talks with Becky Hart, UK Energy Strategy Manager, and Robert Gibson, Whole System and Gas Supply Manager, to find out how hydrogen is becoming the fuel of the future and how it will help Great Britain achieve its net-zero target.

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You can hear the podcast series on Spotify or Apple.

FES 2021 launch – watch it all now

We hosted a range of virtual events during week 12 July to share the Key Messages and insight from our 2021 analysis. The videos and presentations are all now available through the streaming platform under the ‘resource’ and ‘replay’ tab.

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More from FES

Everything you need to know about this year’s FES and how you can get involved.

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Thought Pieces

View our recent Thought Pieces written by our team of Insight Leads exploring a range of subjects in greater depth.

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FES 2021 documents

All the FES documents for 2021.

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FES 2020 documents

Here you can find the FES documents from 2020 along with previous years.

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How to contribute

We’d love to hear from you. Find out how and when you can get involved and details of our forthcoming events..

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How we develop the scenarios

Read our framework and learn more about how we get to the Future Energy Scenarios.

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Bridging the gap to Net zero

A closer look at the steps needed to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

More from ESO

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Zero carbon explained

We're aiming for electricity to be zero-carbon by 2025, watch the videos and find out what zero carbon means and why it's so important for the energy industry.

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National Grid ESO Bridging the gap report

Introducing Bridging the Gap 2020: Peaks and Troughs

Last year the ESO built on the success of our Future Energy Scenarios by launching FES Bridging the Gap to net zero. The report gives a collaborative view from across and outside the energy industry, focused on going beyond FES to recommend actions.

ETYS 2020

Read our Electricity Ten Year Statement 2020 (ETYS) online, which shows the needs of the network over the next ten years and find out how you can get involved.

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Introducing our Carbon Intensity app

Our Energy Intelligence Manager James Kelloway introduces our Carbon Intensity app, a free tool to empower you to make more conscious decisions about when to use electricity.

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FES 2022 Call for Evidence

The Call for Evidence has now closed.

You can read here a summary of the responses we received from stakeholders.

Summary of responses