With an ambitious target for net zero emissions by 2050, our energy system will need to transform rapidly while continuing to deliver reliability and value for consumers.

We believe decarbonising energy is possible but also that it will be complex, not least because there are many ways to reach net zero, each with their own trade-offs.​

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Future Energy Scenarios: ESO’s Pathways to net zero

Our Future Energy Scenarios (FES) outline different pathways for the future of the whole energy system out to 2050. Each one considers how much energy we might need, and where it could come from.

FES is used widely used by the ESO and our stakeholders across the energy industry to underpin network and financial investments, inform national and regional policy and support academic and research and innovation.

Stakeholder feedback is collected via our continuous engagement work and is incorporated alongside our own analysis and research to ensure that our data and insights remain robust and up to date.

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FES 2024 framework thought piece

Following decisions set out in Ofgem’s recent “Decision on the framework for the Future System Operator’s Centralised Strategic Network Plan,” our Future Energy Scenarios are evolving, which requires a new framework. We explain the key reasoning for this shift, and how our framework has evolved in a new article. You can read it here. 

Read the thought piece

Annual FES process

We engage with our stakeholders for FES in an annual cycle, which starts and ends with the publication of the scenarios in July. The diagram below gives you an overview of the process and when you can get involved.


If you do choose to participate, we'll keep you updated through industry events emails and surveys, amongst other things. you can also sign up for our newsletter.

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