This NOA 2021/22 Refresh report provides recommendations for the options required to develop the onshore electricity transmission network, that complements the HND’s offshore network developed through the HND process. As common with other NOA reports, the onshore Transmission Owners (TOs) will now use the information to help decide which transmission projects to proceed with. 

This NOA 2021/22 Refresh report is part of the HND suite of reports that together form part of the transitional arrangements for the Centralised Strategic Network Planning. These transitional arrangements are envisaged as part of Ofgem’s Electricity Transmission Network Planning Review (ETNPR). In parallel, we have established the Network Planning Review (NPR) to ensure that network design and investment processes are fit for the future.

Beginning this summer, we will work in partnership with Ofgem and stakeholders to define the ‘enduring’ arrangements for the Centralised Strategic Network Planning process. In parallel, we will be working on the follow up process for 2023 and further work on the NOA assessments.

These transitional and enduring regimes are very likely to see changes to the timescales and regularities of some elements of network planning processes, and adaptions to our network planning reports including the NOA. We also expect an evolution as to how Ofgem and the TOs will use our recommendations to ensure that the future network is fit for purpose and meets net zero aspirations at an efficient cost to consumers.


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