The NOA has an important role in developing an efficient, coordinated and economic electricity transmission system.

On this page, you'll find the full suite of NOA 2020/21 documents including:

  • NOA 2021/22 refresh and past publications
  • Methodology reports
  • Minutes from the NOA Committee meetings
  • SO Process for Input into TO Led SWW Needs Case Submissions
  • NOA Interested Persons’ Process
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Download the NOA publication

Download NOA 2021/22 Refresh interactive report

Additional resources

Download the other useful documents in the NOA suite.

Appendix A for NOA 2021/22 Refresh

Appendix A combines our economic analysis results and list of options.

Methodology report

Our NOA methodology report describes the end to end process for the analysis and publishing of the NOA report.

SO process for input into TO let SWW needs case submissions

Learn more about what our role is for SWW projects.

NOA Interested Persons’ Process

The Interested Persons’ options process is designed to increase the diversity of options considered within the NOA process through academic and industry participation. We are now seeking new and innovative ideas for potential inclusion in future NOAs.

Modelled Constraint Costs

This short paper summarises our forward modelled view of costs to manage thermal constraints. We summarise why these costs are increasing, what this means for consumers, and what we are doing to address the rise.

Network Options Assessment (NOA) Archive

The NOA has an important role in developing an efficient, coordinated, and economic system of electricity transmission, here you can find previous NOA publications, methodologies and meeting minutes.

NOA Committee meeting minutes and Terms of Reference

Rich text

Our NOA Committee scrutinises the results in the NOA to ensure our recommendations are the most efficient for all.

We have included the meeting minutes as far back as 2019. If you would like to request previous meeting minutes please let us know [email protected].

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Beyond 2030

The Beyond 2030 report builds on top of the Holistic Network Design and makes a set of network recommendations throughout the 2030s. 


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The options that are analysed in the NOA fall into two main groups, Asset-based options and ESO proposed options. This year we received a total of 171options which were placed into various categories.