GC0151: Grid Code Compliance with Fault Ride Through Requirements

The ESO’s Head of Networks wrote to stakeholders on 7th May 2021 about “Grid Code Compliance with Fault Ride Through Requirements”. In that letter it set out three actions and; in the Appendix to that letter; an interim process that the ESO was proposing be applied by them on Users and Network Operators.

The Fault Ride Through process was subsequently presented by the ESO at the May 2021 Panel meeting where concerns and queries were raised by Panel Members in relation to this process.

In the view of the Proposer, the ESO have, inadvertently, given rise to concerns, by stakeholders, that if they were to follow this uncodified ‘voluntary’ ESO interim process this would:

  1. Be placing Users (and in particular Generators) in breach of a relevant legal requirement;
  2. Have a significant commercial impact on Users and consumers;
  3. Have a significant impact on the safety and security of the electricity system;
  4. Apply an unreasonable timing obligation on some stakeholders;
  5. Apply a discriminatory process to some stakeholders; and
  6. Not ensure and enhance transparency of the Fault Ride Through situation in Great Britain.

Therefore, a codified process is required to ensure legal compliance and certainty whilst maintaining security of supply and minimising the significant commercial impact on stakeholders as well as providing a reasonably timed, non-discriminatory process and enhanced transparency for stakeholders.

Modification status: Current

Last updated: 11 October 2021