GC0134: Removing the telephony requirements for small, distributed and aggregated market participants who are active in the Balancing Mechanism

With Wider Access to the Balancing Market due to go live in December 2019 the expectation is for small, distributed and aggregated users to begin making bids and offers to the Electricity National Control Centre (ENCC). Using Telephony as a method of dispatch seems onerous for these smaller parties and impractical for the ENCC, especially in an emergency where a large number of calls would be required to dispatch relatively low amounts of capacity. The intention of this proposal is to remove the Telephony requirement from CC.6.5 while protecting system security and providing an increase in oversight and control for the ENCC

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 7 December 2021

Code Administrator Contact[email protected]

Governance RouteStandard Governance


High: Aggregators, DG

Medium: ENCC

Low: Existing BM participants

Implemented: 1 September 2021


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