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Grid Code (GC)

The Grid Code details the technical requirements for connecting to and using the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). Compliance with the Grid Code is one of the requirements of the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC).

As the code administrator for the Grid Code, we maintain the code and oversee any proposed changes to it. All changes have to be reviewed by the Grid Code Review Panel and approved by the Panel, or by Ofgem.

If you want to find out more about connecting to the NETS, visit our connections pages.

For more information about the code, please contact [email protected].

Modification Tracker

Modification tracker

Our modification tracker gives you the very latest detail on current modifications for each of the four codes. It includes the purpose of the modification and the stakeholders it affects, as well as Panel comments on prioritisation and where it is in the review process.

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Standing groups

Standing groups give interested industry people the opportunity to discuss issues relating to electricity codes in more detail. Issues could relate to one or more of the codes, including the Grid Code.

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