The Grid Code Review Panel (GCRP) is made up of an independent panel chair, a panel technical secretary and code administrator representative (provided by us), representatives from the authority, the BSC and National Grid ESO, network operators, suppliers, offshore and onshore transmission licensees, generators and a consumer representative. In short, anyone in the industry with an interest in the development of the Grid Code.

It meets every month but will also meet on an ad hoc basis if needed. And its function is to:

  • Evaluate and administer amendments to the code
  • Review any consequences of those amendments
  • Administer the code itself
  • Establish joint working arrangements
  • Prioritise modifications
Recent updates

The Grid Code Review Panel election results

The Grid Code Review Panel elections take place every two years to determine the elected Grid Code Review Panel members and alternates. The current panel term is for the following period: 1 January 2023–31 December 2024. 

Due to the resignation of the Offshore Transmission Licensee Panel Member who had been appointed through the 2022 Grid Code Review Panel election, an election had to be re-run in 2023 to fill this panel member seat. 


Our next panel meeting is on 25 July 2024

The Grid Code Review Panel meeting will run from 10am to 2pm and will be held at Faraday House. Panel papers will be issued on 17 July 2024.

National Grid representative on the phone in front of computer screens with a similar scene out of focus in the background

Last panel meeting

Our last Grid Code Review Panel meeting was held on 27 June 2024. Agenda, panel papers and headline report can be found on the meeting page.

Panel members

Download the Grid Code Panel Biographies

Trisha Mcauley Independent Panel Chair Contact Trisha
Lizzie Timmins Panel Secretary and Code Administrator Representative Contact Lizzie
Sarah Williams Panel Technical Secretary Contact Sarah 
Alan Creighton Network Operator Contact Alan
Alastair Frew Generator Contact Alastair
Darshak Shah Generator Representative Contact Darshak
David Monkhouse Offshore Transmission Licensees Contact David
Matthew White Network Operator Contact Matthew
Gurpal Singh The Authority Representative Contact Gurpal
John Harrower Generator Representative Contact John
Nadir Hafeez Authority Representative (Observer) Contact Nadir
Claire Newton National Grid ESO Representative Contact Claire 
Rashmi Radhakrishnan BSC Panel Representative Contact Rashmi
Robert Longden Supplier Contact Robert
Ross Kirkwood Onshore Transmission Licensee Contact Ross
Sigrid Bolik Generator Representative Contact Sigrid

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