SO to SO services are provided mutually with other transmission system operators connected to Britain's transmission system via interconnectors.

Britain's electricity market connects to continental Europe via interconnectors, which are electricity transmission assets that allow electricity to be traded between these markets. 

This trading determines the direction of electricity flow. There may be instances when the system operator needs to adjust these interconnector flows closer to real time, via system operator to system operator (SO to SO) services. 

SO to SO services can only be provided across electricity interconnectors.

The payment process for this service is set out in tri-lateral agreements between system operators and interconnector operators. It is dependent on the market conditions at the time of dispatch, and the terms set out in the tri-lateral agreements.

Technical Requirements

Interconnectors inherently have a range of technical capabilities that enable them to adjust the volume and direction of electricity flows. 

These services are instructed dynamically following conversation between SO control rooms.  

New Providers

The service is a requirement for interconnectors, where technically feasible.  

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