We will approach potential service providers directly if a specific requirement is identified. Intertrip services are required as an automatic control arrangement where generation may be reduced or disconnected following a system fault event.

The system to generator operational intertrips service may be required as a condition of connection.

Commercial intertrips

  • An additional service negotiated on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Allow a higher level of generation onto the system during times of system stress and tight margin.
  • Used to manage Britain's transmission system following credible unplanned faults that need to be secured against in accordance with security and quality of supply standards.

The automatic operation of an intertrip generally requires the monitoring of all transmission circuits in a zone, which are linked with system protection arrangements. If a selected circuit trips, the logic process will then trigger activation of the scheme to disconnect (trip) generation.

Intertrip schemes generally operate typically in less than 100 milliseconds, allowing them to be used to resolve both thermal and stability issues.