This programme was established to develop the balancing capabilities that the Electricity National Control Centre needs to deliver reliable and secure system operation, facilitate competition everywhere and meet our ambition for net-zero carbon operability. To date, the programme has done extensive work to modify our existing capabilities to meet changing market conditions and customer requirements.

However, in their current form, our existing capabilities will not be able to meet all future challenges. Additional investment is required to develop new capabilities that can meet changing requirements. We are modernising and transforming our balancing capabilities and associated platforms. This will ensure that we have the vital flexibility to facilitate future changes, both expected and emerging, across the industry.

In line with our RIIO-2 plan, we have assessed what is required to transform our systems whilst maintaining our existing systems and enabling market changes to continue. We now have a better understanding of the complexity of change required and the large number of dependencies involved in transitioning from old to new systems.

We undertook a strategic review of the systems used to support our balancing capability between April and May 2022. This was undertaken collaboratively to ensure that our plans and delivery roadmaps meet our RIIO-2 strategic objectives, minimise balancing costs, deliver consumer benefits and create a foundation for future market changes and reform.

Download the Balancing Strategic Review Report

Join our Storage Stakeholder Group

We are establishing the Storage Stakeholder Group to ensure we work collaboratively and align internal balancing enhancements with industry expectations.

We will work together to understand current pain points of market participants, so we can agree and plan enhancements for the future of storage in line with the balancing programmes roadmap.

This group will meet on a monthly basis, and will have a mix of remote and in-person events.

We welcome your input to ensure we develop plans that are ambitious, achievable, and have considered the priorities of our stakeholders. If you would like to join us, please email us at [email protected].

Strategic capability review

Read the details of our strategic capability review which was held between April and June 2022. It was undertaken to help us ensure that we meet our RIIO-2 objectives, minimise balancing costs, deliver consumer benefits and create a foundation for future market changes and reform.

Strategic capability review