People are changing the way they think about climate change and the environment.

Perhaps a David Attenborough documentary caught their attention, they’re worried by the increase in extreme weather, or their child took part in a climate protest. Whatever the reason, it is clear the British public recognises that climate change is real, and we need to do something about it.

Through our Future Energy Scenarios we know that both energy system transformation and consumer transformation is pivotal to reach the UK’s ambition for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

We want to understand what needs to happen to bring about a fair energy transition, with low carbon and high quality of life for all.

No one individual or entity can deliver the transformation needed to meet the UK’s climate change targets. We need an evolving ecosystem of organisations and communities to meet these ambitions – including the energy sector, national and local decision makers, and each of us as citizens.

So, we have conducted several pieces of research to help us think about what needs to happen next to support communities across the country to transform, contribute to and benefit from climate action.

Empowering consumers in climate action - summary report

We polled over 4000 members of the public and held 12 focus groups to better understand the British public’s view on the UK’s climate agenda and how they can get involved in the energy transition.

Empowering local authorities in climate action

How can communities across Great Britain be supported in climate action and the energy transition? We brought together insights from consumers, elected representatives and council officers from local authorities across Great Britain to explore this.

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Empowering climate action full report

Download the full report for Empowering climate action: inspiring and supporting consumer participation in the energy transition.

Consumer segment data tables

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Demographic data tables

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