We are a separate company

On 1 April the Electricity System Operator became a legally separate company within the National Grid Group. Find out more about what this change means.

Grid Code

The Grid Code is the technical code for connection and development of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).


ID Name Status Last updated Sort ascending
GC0111 GC0111: Fast Fault Current Injection specification text Current 21 May 2019
GC0128 GC0128 EU Code Emergency & Restoration: Requirements resulting from System Restoration Plan Current 21 May 2019
GC0127 GC0127 EU Code Emergency & Restoration: Requirements resulting from System Defence Plan Current 21 May 2019
GC0124 GC0124 Critical Friend review period for submission of new modifications Current 21 May 2019
GC0096 GC0096: Energy Storage Current 10 May 2019
GC0114 GC0114: System Operation Guideline: Prequalification Processes Current 9 May 2019
GC0118 GC0118: Modification to the Grid Code to accommodate the recent Distribution Code modification to Engineering Recommendation P28 –Voltage fluctuations and the connection of disturbing equipment to transmission systems and distribution networks in the UK Current 9 May 2019
GC0125 GC0125 EU Code Emergency & Restoration: Black Start testing requirements for Interconnectors Current 2 May 2019
GC0123 GC0123 Clarifying references to NGET and Relevant Transmission Licensees Current 1 May 2019
GC0126 GC0126 Implementing Profiled Stable Import and Export Limits, and reversing unimplemented aspects of GC0068 Current 26 Apr 2019