Grid Code

The Grid Code is the technical code for connection and development of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).


ID Sort ascending Name Affected Status Last updated
GC0139 GC0139: Enhanced Planning-Data Exchange to Facilitate Whole System Planning Current 20 Feb 2020
GC0138 GC0138: Compliance process technical improvements (EU and GB User) Current 19 Feb 2020
GC0137 GC0137: Minimum Specification Required for Provision of Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) Capability Current 12 Feb 2020
GC0136 GC0136: Non-material changes to the Grid Code following implementation of the EU Connection Codes Current 12 Feb 2020
GC0135 GC0135 - Removal of Redundant Provisions Current 13 Feb 2020
GC0134 GC0134: Removing the telephony requirements for small, distributed and aggregated market participants who are active in the Balancing Mechanism Current 13 Feb 2020
GC0133 GC0133: Timely informing of the GB NETS System State condition Current 13 Feb 2020
GC0132 GC0132: Updating the Grid Code governance process to ensure we capture EBGL change process for Article 18 Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) Current 13 Feb 2020
GC0131 GC0131: ‘Quick Win’ Improvements to Grid Code Open Governance Arrangements Current 13 Feb 2020
GC0130 GC0130: OC2 Change for simplifying ‘output useable’ data submission and utilising REMIT data Current 21 Feb 2020