On this page, you can find out who the group members are in the ESO Technology Advisory Council (TAC).

The role of the TAC is to help guide the ESO’s digital, data and technological transformation. It will ensure we work with the industry on the development of new systems, and provide transparency and accountability for their development.

The group is made up of a diverse range of experts with significant experience in technology and transformation. This includes representatives from network companies, market participants, consumer groups, academia and technology companies.

Group members are selected from both inside and outside the energy sector, to ensure a wide range of interests are considered.

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Vernon Everitt

TAC Chair

The TAC group is chaired by Vernon Everitt, Managing Director of Customers, Communication & Technology at Transport for London.


Prof. Álvaro Sánchez-Miralles

Prof. Álvaro Sánchez-Miralles

Álvaro has dedicated his career to research and development in the energy sector. He is driven to promote energy transition by empowering energy citizens towards a sustainable and just energy model.

Dr Claudia Centazzo

Dr Claudia Centazzo, Business Development Director, The Smith Institute

Claudia leads in the areas of energy and spectrum optimisation at the Smith Institute. She champions the Institute’s vision of harnessing mathematics to solve the complex challenges facing the UK energy sector on the road to zero-carbon.

Dr Alastair Martin

Dr Alastair Martin, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Flexitricity

Alastair is a professional energy engineer with over 26 years of experience in the energy industry. He founded the first Demand Side Response (DSR) business in Great Britain in 2004.

Judith Ward

Judith Ward, Associate, Sustainability First

Judith is an energy policy professional with long-standing practical experience of both the utility and consumer worlds. She has been an associate of the environment think-tank Sustainability First since 2005, including five years as director.

Simon Pearson

Simon Pearson, Business Leader for Digital and Data at the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC)

An experienced senior technologist with a background in Telecoms, ICT and the Smart Energy sector, Simon’s team provides strategic insight to inform the energy sector’s digitalisation strategy as a critical part of the transition to a net zero system.

Kate Garth

Kate Garth, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager UK & Ireland, RWE Renewables UK

With over 20 years’ industry experience, Kate leads RWE Renewable’s regulatory and policy development for ancillary services, capacity market and system integration in the UK electricity market, and provides E2E regulatory support for the Irish market.

Peter Stanley

Peter Stanley, Executive Director, Elexon

Peter is responsible for Elexon's Digital Operations business, with over 30 years’ experience of the Energy Supply Industry in engineering, energy settlement and strategy. This includes over 15 years in technology strategy and post M&A transformation.

Anastasia Vaia

Anastasia Vaia, Vice President of Engineering Scaleup, BP

Anastasia is responsible for deploying engineering solutions to support BP’s ambition of transitioning to a low carbon energy world, and to digitally transform BP’s engineering. She has also held several leadership roles in BP’s chemicals technology team

Teodora Kaneva

Teodora Kaneva, Programme Manager, Smart Infrastructure and Systems, TechUK

Teodora’s rich background varies from working in business development for a renewable energy lobbying association in Brussels to the fast moving technology innovation startup scene in the UK.

Chris Kimmett

Chris Kimmett, Director Power Grids, Reactive Technologies

Chris works with TSOs and DNOs globally on measuring and managing emerging stability issues. He is also Chairman of Flexassure, is on the UK Executive for CIGRE UK and represents the Association of Decentralised Energy on the ESO performance panel.

Graham Campbell

Graham Campbell, Head of Whole Systems and Commercial, SP Energy Networks (SPEN)

Graham has a held number of senior leadership roles within SPEN, mainly in operational engineering areas. He leads the transition to the smart flexible network of the future by realising SPEN’s ambition of becoming a DSO.

Andy Hadland

Andy Hadland, Chief Product Officer, ARENKO Group

Andy’s role focuses on creating a world leading AI platform that solves urgent industry problems for now and in the future. He guest lectures at Imperial College Energy Futures Lab on topics such as energy storage, thermodynamics and electric vehicles.

JoJo Hubbard 2

JoJo Hubbard, COO, Electron

JoJo ran the first multi-asset project financing deal in the anaerobic digestion space, before moving to the investment side with a focus on cleantech and software as a service. She also worked as a consultant focusing on energy efficiency and innovation.

Emma Pinchbeck

Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive, Energy UK

Emma is an expert in whole-economy decarbonisation and the energy transition. She has previously served as Deputy CEO of the trade body Renewable UK, Head of Climate Change at WWFU-K, and sat on the Board of Scottish Renewables.

James Houlton

James Houlton, Enterprise Transformation Executive, AWS

James works across AWS’s Energy and Utilities team in the UK, bringing together his experience of working in industry with the innovation, technology and mechanisms of AWS and Amazon to help create and accelerate transformative digital journeys.

Randolph Brazier

Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation & Electricity Systems, Energy Networks Association

Randolph has over ten years of experience in the electricity and energy sector in the UK, Europe and Australia. He is responsible for co-ordinating and delivering a broad range of strategic initiatives, including how networks can help to deliver Net Zero.

Melissa Stark

Melissa Stark, Global Renewables and Energy Transition Lead, Accenture

With over 26 years in Utilities and Energy, Melissa is a Fellow of the UK Energy Institute and Chairs the EI Electricity Board. She leads Accenture’s work with the World Economic Forum System Value, Net Zero Carbon Cities and Industrial Clusters.

Chris Dent

Chris Dent, Professor of Industrial Mathematics, University of Edinburgh

Chris has worked on a range of research and innovation projects in system operation and planning, including control room algorithms and the GB Capacity Market. He is a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute (the UK institute for Data Science and AI).

David Sykes

David Sykes, Data Scientist, Octopus Energy

David leads the Data Science and Analytics team, managing the cloud-based data engineering, analytics and machine learning capabilities of Octopus’s Kraken platform to forecast customer behaviour and help to optimise hedging, pricing and operations.