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Our RIIO-2 Business Plan

We have worked with stakeholders from across the energy industry to develop our Business Plan. 

It’s our ambition to continue working in a transparent, co-creative manner with the wider industry as we deliver our RIIO-2 commitments and begin business planning for 2023 onwards.

On this page, you can find information about how we work with our stakeholder group, key dates for your diary and any upcoming webinars and events.

Upcoming events

Planning for 2023 onwards

We are now preparing for the second business planning cycle (RIIO-2 BP2) which will run from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2025. As always, we are keen to work with a wide variety of stakeholders, ESO customers and consumer representative groups in a co-creative manner, to help shape our plans, where it is possible to do so.  

Therefore, we held a series of webinars where the focus was on what is new / materially changed from our 5-year business plan (covering 2021-2026), with respect to the RIIO-2 BP2 period – please click on the links below to watch the recordings.

RIIO-2 BP2 webinar recordings

Please find the recordings for the RIIO-2 BP2 webinars we have already hosted, there is also a feedback form below each webinar if you would like to leave feedback.


Feedback form

Webinar 1: Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond: Our journey to enabling the transformation to a sustainable energy system

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Webinar 2: Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond: Control centre operations

Girl training dog on beach with glowlines

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Webinar 3: Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond: Market development, transactions and our role in Europe since Brexit

NGESO Morning in countryside with glowlines

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Webinar 4: Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond: Our innovation priorities

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Feedback form

Webinar 5: Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond: Our commitment to providing open data and transparency

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Webinar 6: Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond: Enhancing our regional capability to meet net zero

Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC)

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Webinar 7: Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond: Network development.

Past events and materials

Missed an event? You can download recordings from all our events below.

Podcast - regulatory framework

Listen to our podcast discussion of our regulatory mechanism thought piece and SO ambition.

Listen to podcast

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