FES launch

Future Energy Scenarios 2023 launches at the Science Museum in London

We’ve launched our Future Energy Scenarios giving industry the opportunity to explore different pathways to decarbonise the energy system in more detail.

Our Future Energy Scenarios (FES) set out a range of different, credible ways to decarbonise our energy system as we strive towards the 2050 target. We’ve outline four different pathways for the future of the whole energy system, each one considering how much energy we might need and where it could come from, to build a picture of the way we could reach net zero. Our four scenarios are: Consumer transformation, Leading the way, System transformation and Falling short. 

We launched FES at the Science Museum in London on Monday 10 July, giving industry an opportunity to explore the scenarios in more detail and discuss the future of Great Britain’s energy system. 

Three out of the four scenarios reach net zero by 2050, however some reach the ambition quicker than others and, although net zero is our main goal, lots of work will be needed along-side this to continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy for all, including a more centralised and strategic approach to network planning.

To introduce this years FES, Fintan Slye, our Executive Director, was joined by Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive of Energy UK and Daisy Powell-Chandler, Head of Energy and Environment at Public First. 

Fintan highlighted how FES provides a framework to discuss the evolution of the energy industry, facilitating policy and regulatory industry decisions that need to be made. 

Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive of Energy UK, emphasised how important electricity market reform will be going forward, with the shift in technology in the sector making it feel like “the dawn of an industrial revolution” for energy.

This is the 11th FES Launch we’ve produced and it’s amazing to see just how far our analysis and modelling has progressed. For example, hydrogen supply modelling has been altered to reflect a supply-led position, linking the supply of hydrogen to known hydrogen projects such as hydrogen fuelled public transport projects.

As we transition to the Future System Operator with a view across the whole energy system, we will be developing our FES further to reflect our new advisory role as well as our move towards Centralised Strategic Network Planning (CSNP). This will play an enormous part in creating a more coordinated network design for the whole country and deliver our net zero ambitions.

To find out more, View FES 2023 or contact the team at [email protected]