Full range of dynamic frequency response services now active

Our new frequency response service Dynamic Moderation has held its first auction, completing the full suite of the new frequency response services, alongside Dynamic Containment and Dynamic Regulation.

These three new dynamic services will deliver a faster response to frequency events, allowing the ESO to more effectively manage everyday frequency fluctuations both small and large.

By enabling access for a more diverse range of technologies, including variable generation, storage, and demand-side participants, these services allow greater competition, which alongside a move from month-ahead to day-ahead auctions, will contribute to both improved security and cost efficiency for consumers.

These services also mark the first time that the ESO has used the Single Market Platform to onboard service participants and is part of our commitment to improve the ease with which different technologies can participate in the markets we operate.

Acting Head of Markets David Wildash

The delivery of Dynamic Containment, Regulation and Moderation illustrate a significant step change in the ESO’s ability to manage frequency changes on the national electricity network. 

As we move to operating a net-zero electricity network by 2035 the availability of these services will help to ensure that the provision of electricity to consumers continues to be as safe, secure and reliable as it is today.

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