Distribution Generators - Last chance for Loss of Mains funding

New technical requirements are coming into force in September for electricity generators on the distribution network.

Under the Distribution Code - the framework that governs how generator owners must operate on the local electricity network - generators will need to make improvements to Loss of Mains settings, helping to make Great Britain’s electricity network more resilient and making it easier to connect additional low carbon generation.

To help generator owners comply, we’re running a joint funding scheme for those who operate small solar, wind, gas and combined heat and power units.

The applications window for the scheme closes on 10 May 2022 and after this, generator owners will have to pay for the updates themselves. Those who aren’t compliant by 1 September 2022 will face Ofgem approved enforcement action.

Generators eligible for funding include:

  • Those installed before February 2018 (or in some cases, July 2018).

  • Generators between 11kW and 50MW in capacity, or for single phase generators between 3.68kW and 50MW capacity

  • Generators connected via the G59 engineering requirement of the Distribution Code.

To apply for funding and receive guidance, visit  www.futureproofyourpower.co.uk. And if you’ve already made changes to your generating unit don’t forget to submit your compliance declaration and evidence on the Energy Networks Association portal by midnight on 31 August 2022.