CMP343 and CMP340: 'Transmission Demand Residual bandings and allocation for 1 April 2022 implementation (CMP343)' and 'Consequential changes for CMP343 (CMP340)'

CMP343 (formerly CMP332) will deliver part of Ofgem's TCR direction concerning the Transmission Demand Residual (TDR) by creating a methodology by which the residual element of demand Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) tariffs can be apportioned to Half Hourly (HH) and Non Half-Hourly (NHH) demand, and a separate methodology to determine the ‘Bands’ against which the residual element of demand TNUoS is levied. CMP340 will provide the definitions required for CMP343.    

Modification status:
Concluded - Pending Implementation
Last updated:
20 March 2024

Code Administrator Contact: Paul Mullen [email protected] 

Governance Route: Standard Governance

Implementation: 01 April 2023


CMP343: high impact National Grid ESO, Distribution Network Operators, Suppliers and Demand Users connected to the Transmission Network.

CMP340: low impact All CUSC Users as this will amend Sections other than Section 14 for the purposes of CMP343.

Code modification proposed by:
Grahame Neale