Super SEL is utilised to directly decrease the sum of the minimum MW level or Stable Export Limit (SEL) of generators synchronized to the system by lowering the minimum generating level at a generator synchronised. 

Please note: We are no longer actively procuring this service. The information provided on this page is for existing providers of Super SEL services. 

We are now publishing Super SEL instruction information on our data portal.

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Technical Requirements

Super SEL providers must:

  • Deliver a minimum of 10MW of Footroom
  • A maximum notice period of 6 hours before SEL reduction

Please see the interactive guidance document for further details.

New Providers

Interested Super SEL providers should contact [email protected] and outline their capability to provide the foot room service including but not limited to:

  • technical description of the assets
  • SEL reduction volumes which can be achieved where applicable including different operating mode configurations
  • date from which SEL reduction option is valid
  • minimum notice period required to achieve SEL reduction, noting we have set a maximum period of 6 hours
  • maximum period reduced SEL can be sustained
  • impact on ancillary services
  • Impact on reactive power range, inertia and response capability of the machine between ‘normal’ SEL and new lower SEL

There is no upfront criteria for selection but use of the service in real time will be dependent on the:

  • notice time to enact the lower SEL - preference for closer to real time
  • duration for which the lower SEL can be offered
  • impact on reactive power range, inertia and response capability at the lower SEL
  • the value of the Super SEL service against other services, including but not limited to Interconnector Actions, action on non synchronous machines, generation desynchronisation or operation mode changes
Existing Providers

Enactment Payment (£/MW/hr)

The service will be paid on enactment of lower SEL capability (£/MW/hr) for the periods between Start Up Period and End Time.

We will make payments following the standard settlement for balancing services, which is paid monthly in arrears. A final statement, along with the self-bill invoices, is issued by the eighteenth business day of the following month that the service was provided.

Document library

The table below shows Generators that have signed SUPER SEL (Stable Export Limit) agreements in place, including those agreed in 2020. This will be updated as further agreements are entered into.

Note: the enactment fee has been removed from the below table as we are now publishing instruction information on our data portal.

Year Agreed
VPI Immingham Immingham 2017
Drax Power Limited Drax 2017
EP UK (formerly Centrica) South Humber Bank 2 2017
EP UK (formerly Centrica) Langage 2017
Calon Energy Sutton Bridge 2017
Uniper UK Limited Grain 2017
Drax Generation Enterprise (formerly ScottishPower Generation) Damhead Creek 2018
Rocksavage Power Rocksavage 2018
Saltend Saltend 2020
Uniper UK Limited Cottam Development Centre 2020
Uniper UK Limited Connah's Quay 2020
EP UK South Humber Bank 1 2020

Below is draft of the contract terms, and if you are interested in providing this service, please contact us.

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Further enquiries

Get in touch with the right team within Balancing Services, who are on hand to answer any questions you may have.