We’ve compiled a list of all the Registered Providers taking part in the Demand Flexibility below. There are two tables (one for domestic households and micro-businesses and one for all other businesses). This will show you how you can contact these providers and take part in the service with them. It also shows if they are a member of the Flex Assure compliance scheme or aligned to the HOMEflex voluntary standards for flexibility service providers. 

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Last updated: 29 Jan 2024 

Domestic Households
DFS Registered Participant  HomeFlex
Axle Energy Ltd ✅ 
British Gas  ✅ 
CarbonLaces Solutions Ltd  
Chameleon Technology (as Ivie)   
Easee UK Ltd (via Axle Energy Ltd)
Ecotricity Group Limited via (SMS – Solo Energy Ltd)  
E.ON Next Energy Ltd  
Equiwatt  ✅ 
Foxglove Energy Supply Ltd T/A Outfox the Market (via SMS – Solo Energy Ltd)   
GivEnergy (via Axle Energy Ltd)
100 Green (via SMS – Solo Energy Ltd)
Good Energy (via SMS – Solo Energy Ltd) 
Hildebrand Technology Ltd   
Hugo Energy App (via SMS - Solo Energy Ltd) ✅ 
Levelise Limited  
Loop (via SMS - Solo Energy Ltd)   
Octopus Energy    
MakeMyHouseGreen (via SMS – Solo Energy Ltd)   
Ohme (via Axle Energy Ltd)
OVO Energy 
Passiv UK (via SMS – Solo Energy Ltd)   
Perse Technology Ltd   
Power Rewards App (via Orange Power Ltd)  
Rebel Energy Supply Limited (via SMS – Solo Energy Ltd)   
Scottish Power (via Equiwatt)   
So Energy (via SMS – Solo Energy Ltd)   
SMS (Solo Energy Ltd)  ✅ 
SolarEdge Technologies (via SMS – Solo Energy Ltd)  
Uswitch Ltd (via Hildebrand)  
Utilita Energy Ltd   
Industrial and Commercial 
DFS Registered Participant  FlexAssure
AMP (via Urban Reserve (AssetCo 2) Limited)   
Axle Energy Ltd  
CarbonLaces Solutions Ltd  
Conrad Energy  
CUB (UK) Ltd  
Drax Energy Solutions Ltd   
Easee UK Ltd (via Axle Energy Ltd)  
E.ON Next Energy Ltd  
Energy Delivered Limited  
Engie Power Ltd  
Fidelity Energy (via CUB UK Ltd)   
Flexitricity Ltd  ✅ 
Hildebrand Technology Ltd   
Infinis Ltd   
npower Business Solutions powered by E.ON   
OakTree Power Ltd   
Octopus Energy   
P3P Energy Supply Ltd   
Pearlstone Energy  
Perse Technology Ltd   
SMS (Solo Energy Ltd)   
SSE Digital Services Limited   
Zenobe Energy Ltd   
Net zero 2023 finalist
The green energy awards
Utility Week Awards 2023 winners
The wilo energy words

What is FlexAssure / HOMEflex code of conduct?

Flex Assure Logo DFS
FlexAssure is a code of conduct and compliance scheme for flexibility service providers serving business customers. 
HomeFlex Logo DFS
HOMEflex is a code of conduct for flexibility providers serving households and micro-businesses. There is no compliance scheme in place for HOMEflex yet.  


Flexibility providers have self-certified whether their organisation is aligned to either the FlexAssure and/or HOMEflex voluntary code of conducts. These codes of conduct ensure customers are protected and can trust their flexibility provider to adhere to a minimum set of standards. The ESO has no responsibility for auditing compliance with FlexAssure or HOMEflex.  

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