We’ve come a long way from the early 2000s when the nation was mostly powered by coal and gas.

Today, Great Britain has the fastest decarbonising electricity system in the world.

But that’s only because of the work that we have been doing, together with industry partners, to transition to a sustainable future system.

Read the story of how the ESO has decarbonised its electricity system to date, offering a blueprint to other countries around the world to help them reduce emissions. Check out our facts and figures, charting everything from renewable firsts to decarbonisation records.


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Carbon intensity dashboard

Our real time dashboard shows the carbon intensity of the system – the level of carbon emitted for each unit of energy generated and the carbon intensity of our balancing actions and the proportion of zero carbon power before and after we intervened.

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Road to zero carbon in numbers

Data doesn’t lie - from wind records to the longest time we’ve operated without coal, the figures tell a compelling story of a country that’s gone from coal to clean.

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Road to zero carbon report

We’re leading the way with the decarbonisation of electricity and our report shares the journey we’ve been on and the progress we’ve made.

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Carbon Intensity App

The Carbon Intensity App has been built in partnership with the WWF, Environmental Defense Fund Europe and the University of Oxford department of Computer Science.

Our app can be used by homeowners as a rough guide for when to charge your phone, put your washing on or run the hoover round.

It can also be linked to smart devices so you can automate your energy use to coincide with the peaks in green energy production. 

Download the app and find out when the greenest hours each day, available on Google Play Store and The App Store.